Install AMD / ATI Catalyst 11.4 Driver in Ubuntu 11.04

Good news for all Ubuntu gamers who were haunted by driver nightmares – the Catalyst driver for Ubuntu 11.04 is finally out. Enhancements have been made to the Catalyst interface , a new face for the Eyefinity account setup and numerous bugs addressed. Improved support for openCL adds a reason to want it more.

For more information check out the release notes on the AMD website.

Download AMD / ATI Catalyst 11.4 for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

I am using Intel Graphics at the moment and do not have any provision for testing it out. AMD / ATI users can test it out and leave a comment.

2 Replies to “Install AMD / ATI Catalyst 11.4 Driver in Ubuntu 11.04”

  1. I had problems with 11.4 ati driver and natty final release. The installation requires packages execstack, dh-modaliases plus of course gcc g++ make build-essential etc.
    The driver installs but there are major problems with performance. I ran glmark2 and the screen looks like a slide show when the objects rotate.
    Google Earth also works like a slide show.
    I have now gone back to maverick. I think the problems are with natty as 11.4 works fine under maverick.
    I have a ATI HD Radeon 6870 graphics card and a MSI motherboard with AMD 890GX chip set.
    Rob Key

  2. I have the 4870 which worked great in 10.10 x64 not using ATI’s proprietary driver. In 11.04 I was hesitant to try the ATI driver because it did not work in 10.10, but after experiencing issues in 11.04 x64 with the Ubuntu ATI driver I decided to give it a try only to find out both the Ubuntu and the proprietary ATI driver do not work. Extreme clipping in video and VLC is totally pimped in full screen mode.

    Hopefully ATI does more than a half-baked job this time around. It isn’t like Ubuntu is a small distro. They need to work on the performance, not on how pretty the interface is because the performance is ugly…

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