How to Test Android 2.3 in Ubuntu PC

Trying out Goggle Android 2.3 in a Windows PC is very simple and there are many tutorials available guiding to test Android on Windows. But a very few updated tutorials for Ubuntu. Here is a small updated tutorial to test Google Android 2.3 in Ubuntu. 2.3 comes with many improved features and better power management.

If you haven’t used Android 2.3, here are some major highlights in this version:

User Features

  1. New on-screen keyboard - improved Keyboard with faster input and more accurate typing. Simple cut – copy – paste function is improved.
  2. Optimized user interface - New UI gives a enriched experience.
  3. Application and power management - Android 2.3 comes with a good task manager. And the battery usage has been improved.
  4. SIP Internet calling - Voice over IP is integrated directly into Android 2.3.
  5. Download management - All your downloads from your browser, email, and other apps is now managed by a single app

Developer Feature

  1. Native development - The ability to write Android programs or parts of programs isn’t new but in Android 2.3 it gets a huge boost with Release 5 of the Native Development Kit (NDK).
  2. JVM speed - For Java developers, 2.3 adds a number of speedups, most notably a concurrent garbage collector. New JIT optimizations make Dalvik code run even faster than before.
  3. Faster event distribution - Problems relating to performance in fixed in 2.3
  4. Multimedia -Rich audio effects and headphone virtualization can be added globally to all audio . The platform adds built-in support for VP8/WebM video, plus AAC and AMR wideband encoding.
Note: You need a at least a 2GB ram and a decent configuration to test Android 2.3.

Let’s Get Started

You need to have JAVA installed before proceeding to the next step, if you don’t have JAVA, read more @

Step 1:
You need to download Adroid SDK, open the terminal and type:
Step 2:
After  downloading the file extract the and run the Android SDK by typing:
tar zxvf android-sdk_r12-linux_x86.tgz
cd android-sdk-linux_86/
Step 3:
Go to Settings and tick “Force http://…

Step 4:
Go to Available Packages and and select SDK Platform Android 3.2 (under Android Repository)  and Google APIs by Google Inc API 13 (under Third Party Add-ons). Then click Install Selected. You will have to download Approx. 120mb.

Step 5:
Go to virtual devices and click New to add virtual device. Choose the target as Android 2.3 and press  AVD.

Step 6:
Click Start to “Start the test drive…!”

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  1. Sem says:

    Are you mixing instructions for 2.3 and 3.2 here?

  2. Sem says:

    … but nice article! thanks

  3. michael says:

    Tried this using 11.04 Ubuntu Unfortunately get ERROR 404 Not Found ?

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