How to speed up Ubuntu with 200 line script

If you are a tech savvy or just a linux fan you might come cross many post describing how to speed up your system using some 200 lines of codes, which might get a bit messy if you don’t do it properly. So I found a simple workaround to use this script which I will discuss below.

Before that I want assure you that this patch (kernel script) really improves the speed and performance, but I  take no responsibility if it doesn’t work for you. Anyways Linus Torvald, linux kernel developer wrote this in one of his mails after trying this script-

…..It’s an improvement for things like smooth scrolling around, but what I found more interesting was how it seems to really make web pages load a lot faster. Maybe it shouldn’t have been surprising, but I always associated that with network performance. But there’s clearly enough of a CPU load when loading a new web page that if you have a load average of 50+ at the same time, you  will  be starved for CPU in the loading process, and probably won’t get all the http requests out quickly enough.

So I think this is firmly one of those “real improvement” patches. Good job. Group scheduling goes from “useful for some specific server loads” to “that’s a killer feature“.

– Linus

So lets get back to the script, Webup8 had compiled the orginal 200 lines of codes to a simple script.

How to use it in Ubuntu?

Open your terminal type / paste the following commands:

chmod +x cgroup_patch
sudo ./cgroup_patch

Then you can either restart your system or simply run:

sudo /etc/rc.local

I have tried it in ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10, now my 1080p videos play smoothly and I feel less hangs. Hope it improves your syatem likewise.

Please give me your feedbacks.

6 Replies to “How to speed up Ubuntu with 200 line script”

  1. Tried on Debian Lenny 5.0.7, and seems to work.
    I see, that subdirectories are created in /dev/cgroup, with files and it’s content.
    If I am right then Flash thanks to that works slower – and it should, because of policy of this settings.

    I remember when I was playing on my Amiga 1200, and with Workbench from early 90′. There also was something like that :]
    When I was compiling something, or running heavy demo, then my system was working for me like nothing happened 🙂
    Only CPU load from DirectoryOpus showed my that was working hard on something 🙂
    But that computer was only 14MHz fast 😀

  2. thanks for this, although im new in linux just 3 days back, but i think im feeling some improvement in the speed of loading web pages and overall performance. Im just curious, is there something to speed up the boot process? my ubuntu 10.10 just goes a blank screen on bootup.

    1. yes. you can use Ubuntu tweak to increase your performance and as for increasing your boot time try cleaning the unused kernel using Ubuntu tweak…

  3. nice job buddy, keep on doing. although i am new for ubuntu even then i am able to grab it very fast just because of you.
    Plz tell me what are the various things that i can do with Terminal?

  4. Hey, I just tried this but 1080p videos on Youtube don’t run faster than before. It has a very low fps – about 2-4 – I think. I have a 2.2GHz CPU. What type of computer is the minimal requirements for 1080p movies on Youtube with Ubuntu?

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