How to safely remove USB devices in Ubuntu 10.10 / 10.04 / 9.04

Indicator-usb is a small application written in Python, which makes use of ubuntu indicator system to display a menu through which we can safely remove any USB storage device (USB flash drives, external drives, cameras, etc.). connected to your computer, much like Microsoft Windows.The icon is visible only when you actually have something connected and displays a notification when it is safe to physically disconnect the equipment. It also shows folders that have access over the network.


1. First, download this package from the official site and install it.

2. Then to add the indicator-usb at the startup,  go to System »Preferences» Startup Application and then click on the Add button.

3. The name and comment field can be anything you want, in the command field enter indicator-usb.

4. The next time you log in, indicator-USB will run automatically. Now you can safely remove the USB devices.

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  1. I have installed the package in Ubuntu 10.04 but I do not see the usb-indicator in the panel on top of my desktop.
    I have followed the instructions above.
    The indicator-usb script is in the /usr/bin folder.

    I have added indicator-usb to System »Preferences» Startup Application in 2 ways:
    a) as indicator-usb
    b) as /usr/bin/indicator-usb

    How do I get the indicator in the panel on top of my desktop?

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