Google Analytics – No data available for November 02? Edit: Issue resolved.

I have been frequently monitoring traffic in Multimediaboom via Google Analytics and today shocked to find no reports on my dashboard for November 2nd. The reports were correct in the morning; but by noon( IST), i could only see  the following screen. However the earlier reports and reports for today are just fine, but don’t know what happened with yesterday’s reports. First I thought something must have happened to my tracking code; but later discovered that all other sites in my account have the same issue.

This is what you might see if you are affected by the missing Analytics data:

  • o visitors for 2nd November 2010
  • No other tracking data including page views, Adsense or referrals.
  • Missing data across all domains in your Analytics account

This may be a problem related to Google’s Analytics service. I hope this issue will be resolved round the clock.

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  1. Same problem with me too. We have many client accounts as an advertising agency and all graphs show a nose dive to zero visitors on 2nd November, despite the code being in place and figures reporting on previous dates, up to 1st November.
    It looks like it could take 24 hours as GA does not report on real time data but if anyone can shed any light on the issue, it would be good to know.

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